Future of Commerce

November 20, 2015
Online and In-Person Open Event

This event has now concluded.
Many thanks to all who volunteered and participated

Some event photos have been posted here:

More photos from the event are posted here Google+ page:

Portfolio of Project Proposals

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Check out the Event FAQ for more general information and specific details.

Consent for Future Commerce

For more information, see the project page.


Open Data Contracts


Also, see this HIEofOne Session Overview Video for more information.

Propose a Session

Want to lead or propose a hacking project or discussion session on a relevant topic? Want to provide a tutorial or workshop on a relevant technology, skill or topic? Add your pre-conference proposed sessions to our agenda through our proposal form. At the event "unconference roundtables" you will have an opportunity to describe your session idea and address any questions or comments from other participants who may want to jump in and join your project or other session.